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Freelance Writer Vancouver Michelle MartinI’m Michelle, a freelance copywriter and content marketing strategist. If you’re on this page, you probably guessed that already. I’m passionate about good content marketing.

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Skills + Interests

I’m truly passionate about digital marketing and writing. When I think back, in all my jobs, even the early just-out-of-school crappy ones, I weaseled my way into doing some type of marketing. I’d say, “Oh, well, I think we should change the order of these pages in the catalogue because customers always ask me about these items.” (YEAH, a catalogue, I’m old.) Or, “Here’s something I wrote for our website, do you like it?”

None of those things were my job. But I quickly realized that having passion for something means you’ll always find a way to do it, even if it isn’t your job.

Now, I’m thrilled that my passion and my job are the same thing.

Writing + Editing

From as far back as I can remember, I’ve been creating with words and reading over 1,000 words a day. (I’m in the top 1% of all Pocket users, after all.) Even emails are fun. I like to think of them as a word party in a box. And, I’ve been blogging online since 2002. Yeah, I’m an old millennial.

SEO + Nerdy Stuff

I love the techy aspect of marketing, too. I make sure to stay up to date on SEO trends, algorithm updates, and the latest in shopping behaviours, e-commerce advancements and everything about the psychology of today’s consumer. Not even because it’s helpful for my work, but because I’m a NERD.

Strategy + Planning

To me, the best thing about marketing is that it never stands still. Things are always changing, people are always changing, and marketers and writers need to change with the times. I love the never-ending experiment of finding out what makes people tick, and writing copy to influence that.
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