1/ What I do:


Websites + campaign copy.

Web and marketing campaign copy that converts. I’m your tech/SaaS company’s new BFF.



Content + brand strategy.

From a full brand strategy to a new website or marketing campaign content strategy, I’m here to put the foundation together.

Let’s talk about your next project. (Or your newest cat.)
2/ Process:


We discuss your project + goals and see if we're a good fit! If so, I'll send you a proposal & contract and we'll do all those legal thingies.


I start researching #allthethings needed to make your copy convert. We'll talk during this period to make sure I've got our strategy right before I start writing.


Once our research & strategy phase is complete, I'll create a killer first draft of your copy. We'll work together on any revisions needed.


Launch time! I work with your design team for any questions about implementing the copy. You hit ``publish`` and we celebrate! Clinky!

My content makes you more money.

Combining actionable brand strategy with conversion-driven copy = dolla dolla bills fer ya 💸

Hey, there, I’m Michelle. I’m here to help you convert more leads by creating an engaging and authentic brand voice that speaks directly to your target audience. Y’know, the way they actually want to be talked to. (AKA no jargon-filled crap here, just no-nonsense, no-filler goodness.)

Plus, I have extensive professional experience in brand strategy and copywriting… yada yada yada. Read more about me below, or skip straight to my portfolio.

More About Me

I seriously enjoyed reading this. Holy heck, is this ever a great post! You're a very talented writer.

I love it, I don't really have any changes or edits which is weird.

You did an excellent job of boiling down the content to a digestible amount. Having someone I can trust to walk clients through content strategy is such an asset.

C’mon. Let’s put some sass in your SaaS.