1/ Blog Posts
Ghostwritten not included.
7 Proven Social Media Promotion Ideas That Don’t Suck

Written for Hootsuite, I cover some high-level social media marketing strategies with my signature brand of sass.

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My Column for the Beyond Capital Blog

Since June 2020, I’ve been a regular contributor to Beyond Capital, a great blog run by Fast Capital 360.

My pieces focus on sales, marketing, ecommerce and small business topics. Click below to see all my articles.

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Integrated Marketing: Why It’s So Crucial for Your Company’s Brand Messaging

Diving into research about customer experience and three simple ways you can align your marketing to focus on your customer first. (Hint: it makes you more money.)

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Native Advertising: How to Send Your Conversions Skyrocketing in 2020

What’s so special about native ads anyway, huh? This informative guide answers that as well as provides a step-by-step process for creating your first native ad campaign.

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Have You Been a Bad, Bad Backlinker? How to Avoid a Google Penguin Penalty

I really had fun with this one. 😉 A blog post detailing some ways to recover from black hat SEO penalties. Written for MonitorBacklinks.com.

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7 Miniature Link Building Guides for Reaching New SEO Heights

An informative B2B blog post aimed at SEO newbies written in a conversational tone. Written for MonitorBacklinks.com.

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How to Write SEO Page Titles & Descriptions for Your Blog

An example from a personal project of mine, a marketing blog I ran from 2016-2018. Written in my personal style.

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How to Do SEO Keyword Research

Another of my personal blog posts – my most popular. 🙂

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How to Turn Red Flags Around to Build Trust With Your Clients

A guide to building lasting client relationships for digital project managers. Written for DigitalProjectManager.com.

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2/ Web Copy
I love SaaSy stuff.
StoreBuilder eCommerce

While working for Studiothink, I wrote the entire website for StoreBuilder: the world’s fastest, most flexible e-commerce solution. This involved extensive client interviews, research and product demos to understand both target audience and features of the SaaS product.

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3/ Strategy
Brand and content strategy projects.

Created a full brand, positioning, messaging and voice strategy for Landplay, a B2C firm that helps homeowners plan for and maximize the ROI of their property when selling to developers. Project was in partnership with the fabulous Form Meets Function Creative, who designed the client’s gorgeous new brand based on my strategy.

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