Brand Strategy

The foundation of every successful copy project. As an ex-agency brand strategist, I have a professional process for finding out your brand's secret sauce.
Brand strategy.
Delivering actionable, insightful brand strategy for your marketing team.

A must before any logo refresh, new website design or full corporate rebranding. My brand strategies aren’t airy imaginations; I focus on facts, research and a lengthly interview process to seek a brand’s true identity and direction. My findings are communicated in a clear and detailed final document for your marketing and design teams to work from.

A full brand strategy includes tone and voice, messaging strategy, target personas, KPIs, positioning strategy, competitor research, customer interviews, and specific strategies to achieve your corporate goals.

When combined with a web copy package, it will also include content strategy and wireframing for the full site.

Your brand strategy is used in all aspects of your company, from knowing your customers’ wants and desires to managing internal company culture, and being the foundation of what sets you apart.

(If you couldn’t already tell, I’m pretty passionate about branding, so let’s hop on a Zoom and discuss, eh?)

Content strategy.
From existing website overhaul to brand spankin' new.

All my website copy packages include detailed content strategy and wireframing. If you’ve already done this in-house, I can work with that, too. This is the most important step for ensuring your site’s new copy is authentic to your brand and results in maximum conversions.

What’s the ‘why’ behind your next project?